Welcome to Driven Young 2.0

Triple the events, members and impact


Byron here

I wanted to send you an important update!

The team and I have been hard at work for the last few months working on how we can improve Driven Young and create an ongoing community rather than a 1 month program.

Welcome to Driven Young 2.0. We have upgraded every element of the program and I am excited to share with you the changes.

What is Driven Young 2.0?

Driven Young 2.0 is a completely redesigned model with the feel and style of the original program, starting with our opening weekend "Driven Young Program" as a launching pad into the 12 month community.

The community happens year round and includes all the classic Driven Young events such as camping, formal, dress up karaoke, money, confidence, tyre changing workshops, alongside a whole suite of new events.

Everything is hosted and organised on our new community platform - where members can connect, access resources, access online modules, our calendar and more.

This isn't just a program anymore; it's a 12-month journey designed to supercharge your personal and professional growth.

We're extending the experience far beyond our initial month-long program, offering you a whole year of opportunities to connect and grow.

With monthly social events, bi-monthly workshops, networking opportunities, and even fortnightly clubs, you'll have a wealth of activities to keep you engaged and growing.

Whats New?

There are many changes made to our new model, however all the events you were promised are still include + an additional 12 events

12 Months Access

Access to a year-long community means consistent guidance, growth, and opportunities for growth, ensuring members have ongoing support as they navigate their 20s.

Triple The Events

With a variety of new events and activities offered, members can explore new interests, challenge themselves, and expand their skill set in a fun and engaging way.

Networking Opportunities

Building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals not only enriches personal relationships but also opens doors to potential career opportunities and collaborations.

New Custom Built App

Everything is hosted and organised on our new community platform, where members can connect, access resources, online modules, our calendar and more.

Be Authentically You

Start fresh and reinvent yourself the way you want to be in a judgment free space.

Create Opportunities

Connect, network and create opportunities to help progress your career and life.

Go on Adventures

Explore the outdoors, take trips and go on the adventures you were promised.

Establish Deep Connections 

Create strong and deep connections with others beyond the surface level conversations

Get Vulnerable

Let your walls down and be vulnerable with others, get emotional and connect.

Make friends without alcohol

Meetup without the drink, majority of our events do not include alcohol.

The Driven Young 2.0 Journey

Driven Young is designed to take you on a 12 month journey following our four core pillars. Each pillar is important on its own, but when they are put together, that is how you can begin to thrive in your life.


This pillar is all about helping participants get a clearer picture of who they are and what they want from life. It’s like taking a foggy mirror and wiping it clean. In this pillar, we focus on navigating your 20’s through self-discovery, via experiential learnings and introspection - with the aim to identify passions, values, and goals, making it easier for participants to make decisions that align with their true selves and their career. By the end of the experience, you’ll have a personal roadmap - kind of like Google Maps, but for navigating life’s big questions.


Growth is the action-driven heart of the program. Here, we challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones and engage in new experiences that foster skill development and personal expansion. There will be opportunities for you to step up as a leader, develop your communication style and try new hobbies. This is your chance to inject some adventure into your life and enter the growth zone.


This pillar is the pulse of our community-centric approach, where the magic of networking meets the power of belonging. We create a series of "Third Spaces" through intentionally designed activities that encourage vulnerability and sharing. We focus on building a community that goes beyond casual networking; it’s about creating opportunities for both personal growth and professional advancement. This network acts not just as a social circle but as a launching pad for countless opportunities, providing a foundation of support that makes all the difference in navigating your 20’s


Thrive is where everything comes together—participants are in alignment with their newfound clarity, growth, and connections. At this stage, they are energised in life by the momentum they've built, equipped with a robust toolkit that includes skills like confidence, allowing them to speak up and It's about moving forward with a sense of purpose, feeling aligned with personal and professional goals, and living authentically with the full support of their community.

Each day is an opportunity to apply what they've learned, to experiment, and to refine their approach. The Thrive pillar ensures that they not only envision a fulfilling future but also have the practical means and the community support to make it a reality. They're not just dreaming about a better life; they're actively constructing it, fuelled by passion and propelled by a network of like-minded individuals.


How much extra does this cost?

This is all completely free to our current members, there are no additional costs.

Whats changed for me?

You're opening weekend has been shifted to October, but now instead of an intensive 1 month you get it spread across 12 months with a bonus 10 events. See below for the new dates:

Sydney: 19th - 20th October

Melbourne: 26th - 27th October

What's the custom app?

Welcome to our new platform - Circle!

Check your email for your unique invite link to join the platform today.