DYE Mastermind

Here is what the DYE Mastermind is and how it works.

Originally I was going to make it monthly but I realise most efficient masterminds are weekly or fortnightly.

So I decided to create a weekly structure that DYE members can use, I will join once a month.

Here is the structure in detail.

Here is the structure in summary. It is worth noting this works best for 4-6 people so if the group is way bigger just run two sessions.

TIME: Sunday, 7 pm sharp (Discord)
ROLES: Time keeper, Note taker, Hot Seat

 0 – 5 Mins: High and lows
5 – 20 Mins: Accountability Questions
20 – 45 Mins: Hot Seat
45 – 60 Mins: Goals and M.I.N.S
60 – 75 Mins: Plan your week
70 – 80 Mins: Wrap up

If this is confusing read the entire Mastermind structure here.

You have been invited do the joint Notion table via email where you can follow the template.
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