Transform Your 20's: Create Friendships that Last a Lifetime  

Want More Friends, Deeper Connections & Greater Confidence? Then it’s time to join Australia's #1 Social Program for people in their 20's. 

I Think I know what you're going through...

You’re young, and you’re feeling lost.

You’re trying to figure out what your next step is.

Trying to balance working, exercising, having a social life.

You feel like there’s a big gap between who you are now and who you want to be in 5 years’ time.

And then there are all these people online showing living these "amazing lives".

You know you are great to be around, yet struggle to create or maintain deep connections.

This leads to uneventful weekends.

A lack of exciting events to look forward too.

Feelings of loneliness.

Stuck in the day to day.

That's where we come in...

Feeling stuck in the day-to-day?

Work, eat, sleep repeat

You know you should be doing more. Your twenties should be exciting and explorative. It’s disheartening stuck in the day to day with little to do on the weekends.

  • Life feels kind of boring?
  • Lacking adventure?
  • The same friends since highschool?

Introducing the

Introducing the

The Driven Young Program is here to give you the foundations of friendships that can last forever: A strong sense of self, a group of lifelong buddies, new adventures, and a renewed purpose in life.

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5 Star Review

What you get access to?

Lifelong Friends

Connect with our members on a deep level gaining life long friends you can rely on and support.

Thriving Community 

Access our thriving community of likeminded people during the program.

More Confidence

Gain more confidence in yourself, getting outside your comfort zone and growing as an idividual/].

2-day Intensive weekend 

Fun Social Meetups 

Interactive Workshops

A community of 60+ people

Yearly Camping Retreat

Black Tie Graduation

Imagine if you had 100 friends in your 20's. How would this affect your life?

The  Events We Run

What You Will Learn at our Workshops...

Financial Literacy

Learn the basics of budgeting your money, how to save and invest into different assets, understand Australia’s tax system and more…

Mastering Confidence

Take control of your life by addressing the things that are holding you back so you can gain the confidence you need to thrive.


Plan out your next 12 months and stay accountable by setting goals along side our other members.

Car Basics

Plan out your next 12 months and stay accountable by setting goals along side our other members.

Driven Young Program Outcomes 

  • Connection
    Envelop yourself with the like-minded people who are dedicated to self improvement & fostering meaningful connections that stays lifelong.
  • Confidence
    Build unshakable confidence within yourself by immersing yourself in our weekend programs, workshops, and exciting challenges, all while being
    surrounded by a supportive community.
  • Clarity
    Explore a path towards clarity in life, career, and relationships by reflecting inwardly and uncovering
    your true purpose..
  • Community
    Join an exclusive community of individuals, where you can exchange innovative ideas, establish meaningful connections, socialize, and flourish collectively.

Our Founder

Byron Dempsey, founder of the Driven Young Program (DYP), and host of the top educational podcast for young people in Australia, focuses on imparting practical life skills not taught in schools.

With over 1 million followers and 900,000 podcast downloads, Byron is a fully qualified presenter. As a published best-selling co-author of “18 and Lost? So Were We,”

He believes in addressing the challenges faced by today’s youth, aiming to provide practical education and foster connections nationwide.

He has run over 180+ events for people in their 20's and specialises in giving people more clarity, confidence, connections and a community to thrive in.

Check out some of our favorite episodes!

The Driven Young Podcast teaches practical life skills for people in their 20's covering an array of topics.

Past Members Testimonials

Ben Crause
Ben Crause
I did the SP3 program and have nothing but good things to say during the program. It was worth the time and money for myself and got what I wanted out of the program. During the program my social life was exploding and had never meet so many amazing people who wanted to be my friend on such a short time. Made some life long friends and a partner out of it all and a more positive look on life. The only reason why it’s not a full 5 stars is that after the program finished, if you didn’t build a friendship group out of your program it would be hard to reconnect/build new ones. I wished events like the Byron and Pace show continued after the program and invited everyone from past programs via email/discord. The other event that was available was the DYX which was too much for me to participate but maybe a more affordable option like a camping weekend with past members or a 1 year reunion dinner to reconnect with people. Overall give it a try if you can afford it and great work to Byron and his team
Mr Zues
Mr Zues
Before i signed up I saw all these reviews and thought it was too good to be true so i want to give a balanced review of the program outlining some pros and cons: Pros: Firstly, the connections, Getting introduced to 60-80 people at once leads to new friendships, you get to meet some really diverse people that you wouldnt traditionally meet so its great to expand your horizons. Activities and workshops: theres quite a few given the length of the program and they are quite enjoyable and its a great chance to spend time with the people youve just met Self development: driven young is as much about community and connections as it is self reflection. The program is a great opportunity to focus on yourself for a bit. Cons: Lets be realistic, youre not going to get along with everyone in the program, you get people with different backgrounds, experiences and beliefs and theyre not all going to align with yours. The ones that do you could easily be friends with for years, others you'll forget their name. Some of the material might not work well with you, basically what you put in you get out, some of the things fade away pretty quickly after the program, others tend to stay for a bit longer. You could go back to the person you were before completing the program if you want very easily, but you could also be a much better version of yourself you didnt realise was possible. Its certainly similar to reading a lot of self care books I feel it depends on how much you buy into it and how well the mesages connect with you. Calender issues: It is certainly possible to complete the program if you work full time, but if you want to attend everything, it will involve include one or two days during the week usually around 6-7pm for 2-3 hours, which depending on your schedule may not be possible, it can also be hard to predict based of when you recieve the calender for your program. Value: Throughout the entire program, I admit, I was questioning where my money went. This program is facilitated by an overwhelming number of volunteers in comparison to paid employees. Byron does refer to it as an investment in yourself, which i agree is true, but I found the value in the people i met, instead of a dollar for dollar value in each workshop/activity. Which leads me to summarise and say yeah its not for everyone. Theres probably a reason you saw all the targeted ads, so its probably worth watching one of the info sessions. You may love the program, you may cringe and not get anything out of it. Its very personal and very relative to you, your circumstances and the people in your program. So for that I cant give a blanket glowing recommendation like everyone else. I would tell you instead to trust your gut and do what you think is best for you right now
Kashish Sandhu
Kashish Sandhu
This program has so many 5-star reviews for a reason. When people told me that this program changed their life I almost did not believe them until I attended the program myself. An absolutely transformational 1 month. Such incredible highs and the strongest support system to help you through your lows. I can not emphasis on how incredible DYP is, probably one of the best investments I have made in my adult life. If you are having second thoughts, take this as your sign to take that plunge. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! I hope you find your way to, like I did! xx
Sinead Gibbons
Sinead Gibbons
DYP has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding programs and experiences I’ve been apart of. This program exceeded my expectations. Byron as well as all the leaders involved all bring their own authentic, unique selves, perspectives and stories which really provides a relatable and inspiring experience, helping us all to connect with everyone around us. This program incorporates different activities which are both fun but challenging giving us the opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and grow within a safe, supportive space. DYP has a heavy focus on personal growth and development but also focuses on creating connections, making friends whilst also finding your community. This program has so much depth. DYP encourages people to let their walls down and engage with their vulnerable side which allowed me to form connections with others on a deeper level in such a short time as I could see that there were other people just like me. DYP will give you the opportunity to have things money can’t buy. This program gives people an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, connection and safety whilst having the chance to work on being the best version of yourself. I can’t recommend this program enough! If you’re sitting on the fence, just do it, you won’t look back!
joshua hannes
joshua hannes
This program provides the perfect opportunity for those wanting to build intentional and authentic connections. Byron's incredible ability to empower others seems to be exceeded only by the passion he has for the program. Naturally he is able to attract a team who shares his mission and are able to masterfully improve the overall experience. The past 4 weeks of the program would have to be one of the most influential periods of my life. I could not recommend this enough to anyone longing to build real, authentic connections with others. Thank you DYP!
Sio Vili
Sio Vili
Hi Driven Young I want to say that this program helped me through in life. It was not what I expected but it helped me to strive through my struggles. To those who are viewing, please do not hesitate to sign up in DRIVEN YOUNG, it will make your entire world refreshed up and sparkling. This program uses multiple resources to push my limits and see my potential. Quick summary on my behalf is I moved in Melbourne 2023 with no connection with people around my surrounding. Took me eleven months to find friends until I crossed path with Bryon’s advertisement of what DRIVEN YOUNG is capable. Now I have achieved that goal. I want to give thanks and love to the team leaders who participated in the program. Love Jordano Vaelua from Melbourne (MY QUOTE TO SUM UP DRIVEN YOUNG POTENTIAL PERSONALLY) “Look within yourself What do you see Is your Soul a fading light Strengthened by fury Hardened by heat Search deeper now What do you see Whatever you find You must keep You can not fear What lies beneath Look within yourself What do you see”
Brodie Flynn
Brodie Flynn
An amazing programme for anyone searching for ‘more’ in their 20’s. Surrounded by people all committed to the same journey, this 4 weeks offers a variety of skills, experiences and interactions with genuinely amazing humans. Surprisingly spending so much time with strangers without phones, alcohol or distractions is remarkably easy and a great ‘refresh’ to find some genuinely good connections. 100% recommend to anyone looking to upskill in self- awareness, breath work, emotional intelligence, social skills and confidence
Aston Pritchard
Aston Pritchard
Mate I tell ya this is some good stuff right here you get to meet people who are awesome and you get to experience awesome thing with the people you meet and also listen to Byron he the guy running the show he has some good things to say too but yeah it was amazing!!
Tracey Ritchie
Tracey Ritchie
Hi, I'm Tracey and I just finished SYP6. I had really high expectations about this program. I was hoping to build deeper and meaningful long-lasting friendships I really loved the confidence workshop because I helped it taught me that if I set my mind to something I could make it happen. One of the best things about the program was meeting so many wonderful and supportive people. DYX helped me realise I can be myself and people will love and accept me for who I am. Byron is a really inspiring leader who helps you break through walls and the team of leaders were exceptional and really helped me and gave me support when I needed it. I really recommend it for people wanting to develop cutting edge life skills and explore new friendships. it worth your money I would high recommend to anyone who wants to make friendships in the 20-30s

Who is the Driven Young Program for?

  • Young people aged 18-30, who don't have a built-in community in their city.
  • Who wants to find an inclusive community that can help them grow both.
  • Who want to meet new like-minded people who are their age and have similar interests to them.

Make friends outside of just drinking

No religioius ties

LGBTQIA+ friendly

Here from just a few of our past members

Driven Young has now had over 600+ members go through the program, here are just a few stories from out past members.


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