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For young creatives looking to learn in a real world environment.

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Hey there!

My name is Byron Dempsey, founder of Driven Young.

When I was 18 I got the opportunity to work along side an entrepreneur for 18 months as his personal videographer.

This became the foundation for my skillsets and taught me so much about social media, creating content, holding attention, business and more.

Since then I have gained over 1 million followers online and over 250 million views, starting my own podcast and company.

Now, 8 years later I want to provide that opportunity for someone else.

I am looking for a young creative who wants to get a started in their career and get a foot in the door. This internship will give you direct access to me and my team as we work side by side and I teach you everything I know.

You will also get a space to create content for an exciting brand and see real results, we are a small team so you will have full creative control to experiment and create content.

I can't wait to see your application, Stay Young, Stay Driven

Main Benefits


Get direct access and learn from Byron on how to create content and grow.

Real world application

Use footage from a real company and apply your skills in the real world.

Full Creative Control

We are a small team, there are no hoops to jump through, you have full creative control.

An exciting company 

Driven Young is growing fast and is an exciting company all about adventure and growth.

A thriving team

Join our small but thriving team of young people invested in the companies vision.

Access events Australia wide

Access over $2,000 worth of events Australia wide, shoot content at these events along side the team.

See what Driven Young Looks like

6 Months Internship Position: Creative Marketing Intern

Company: Driven Young

Position: Creative Marketing Intern
Location: Sydney Office and WFH - Various locations (with travel opportunities)
Duration: 6 months (minimum)
Commitment: 3 days a week (minimum)
Compensation: Unpaid (Potential job offer upon successful completion)
Application Deadline: June 30th, 2024

About Driven Young:

Driven Young is Australia's leading community for ambitious individuals aged 20-34, focused on personal growth, deep connections, and professional development. With a vibrant mix of events, workshops, and adventures, we offer a unique space for young adults to thrive.

Position Overview:

Are you passionate about marketing, social media, and content creation? Do you have a keen eye for trends on TikTok and other social platforms? Join Driven Young as a Creative Marketing Intern and gain invaluable experience working alongside Byron Dempsey, a social media expert with over 1 million followers.

As our Creative Marketing Intern, you will have the unique opportunity to learn everything about content creation and social media marketing. You will help us build our brand by leveraging our events and existing footage to create engaging short-form content. Your creativity and understanding of social media trends will be crucial in developing content that resonates with our community and beyond.


- Content Creation: Develop short-form content using footage from our events, including member features, memes, and brand-building content such as street interviews and more.
- Understanding trends: Use up to date trends and apply them to our brand, making us relatable and increase a chance to get views.
- Social Media Management: Stay updated on social media trends and implement strategies to increase our online presence and engagement.
- Event Participation: Attend Driven Young events to capture live content and engage with members.
- Collaboration: Work closely with Byron Dempsey and the Driven Young team to brainstorm and execute creative content ideas.
- Brand Building: Contribute to the growth of Driven Young by creating content that showcases our community and events.

What You Will Gain:

- Hands-On Experience: Learn directly from Byron Dempsey and gain insights into social media marketing and content creation.
- Networking: Access to Driven Young events and opportunities to connect with industry leaders and like-minded individuals.
- Learn how to edit using editing software such as Premiere Pro
- Travel: Opportunities to travel to different cities and capture content at various events.
- Skill Development: Enhance your skills in video editing, social media strategy, and creative marketing.
- Potential Career Opportunity: Successful interns may be offered a job at the end of the internship.


- Passion for Marketing: Enthusiastic about marketing, social media, and the creative industry.
- TikTok and Social Media Savvy: In-depth understanding of TikTok and other social media platforms, including current trends.
- Creative Mindset: Ability to think outside the box and develop engaging content ideas.
- Self-Motivated: Strong work ethic and ability to work independently and collaboratively.
- Availability: Minimum commitment of 3 days a week for at least 6 months.

- In short: No qualifications needed, we want to see passion, creativity and an understanding of short form content on TikTok and Reels.

How to Apply:

If you're ready to kickstart your career in marketing and content creation, we'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and create a short video letting us know why you would be the best fit. Please use this video to show your personality and creative skills.

Please follow the next steps

Step 1.

Create a video application showcasing your personality and creative skills. There are no rules, just let us know why you would be the perfect fit for this position in no more than 2 minutes.

Step 2.

Fill out the form below in detail and upload your video application by June 30th, 2024.
TIP: Any lazy applications will be ignored, this is a highly sought after position and we are looking for the perfect fit.

Step 3.

Wait for us to contact you for an interview where we can get to know you more and assess if this is the right fit for you.

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