Aussie Investing Platforms you can trust

So you want to start investing but aren't sure where to start, well here is a simple overview of the different platforms you can use. There are more out there but these are the ones we recommend you look into. (Remember this is not financial advice)

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Pearler - Boring investing
for the long term.

Pearler is an Australian platform that focuses on ETFs, shares and funds. They have a focus on long-term investing that is relatively safe. They have a community you can join, you can automate your investing habits, track everything, set goals and more.

For those who are new and just want to invest simply and safely, this is a great platform to use.

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Spaceship - Tech Company Managed Funds

Spaceship is a great platform that offers two managed funds or "portfolios" as the call them. They focus on investing in "world-changing companies" often including innovative tech companies. You cannot invest in individual stocks, rather you invest in a managed fund full of 50 companies at once.

This is very simple investing, you can automate it all, and track all the companies you are invested in and they even offer a Super fund you can join.

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STAKE - Invest in your fav companies

Stake is great for investing in individual stocks such as Google or Apple. You can access all the big sexy American companies through this app and you can access 2000+ Aussie companies in the ASX.

Stake also offers the ability to invest in ETFs like the other platforms we have suggested. It is super easy to use, a Australian company, has a great UI, decent fees.

If you want to invest in individual stocks, Stake is a great app.

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SWYFTX - The Crypto one


There are many platforms you can use to trade Cryptocurrency but in my opinion, Swfytx is the safest and easiest to use. They are based in Sydney and make trading crypto extremely easy. You can even automate your purchases to multiple coins at once.

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