How the driven young program works...

attend our 1 hour live information night session to access a discount to the program & find out how the program works.

So what is this and how does it work?

If you are reading this you are curious and interested in finding out more about how my 6-week program works.
My program is jam packed with over 15 events, ranging from high-level personal development to dress-up pub crawls.
We specialise in combining personal development, coaching, and growth with socialising, fun, and community building.
There is a lot to cover…. so here are some of the cliff notes:

But there's a lot more to it

The truth is I cannot explain my program in a few paragraphs.

Below I break down the four elements of the program, however….

My members struggle to explain it to their friends as there isn’t anything like this out there as far as I am aware. This is why I host a free information session where you can join me live and find out everything you need to know + ask me any questions.


We host weekly social events so you can make friends with ease which means you will no longer worry about what to do this weekend.

These events include:

  • Dress up Pub Crawl
  • Bush walks
  • YOGA
  • Karaoke night 
  • Weekly 5:30am club
  • Custom Minecraft server
  • Camping
  • Dinner parties + more

We host In person workshops so you can learn important life skills such as managing your money and building confidence which means you will have clarity, goals, and guidance for your twenties. The skills you should have learned in school.

Our workshops include:

  • Confidence Building 
  • Money basics. (budgeting, tax, investing)
  • Goal-setting (templates provided)
  • Car Basics (change your own tyre)
Personal Development

Personal development so you can learn to truly love yourself while skyrocketing your confidence which means you will attract greater relationships and opportunities in your work and personal life.

Our opening weekend is a two day personal development weekend designed to connect the group and create a safe space. This weekend will challenge you and get you outside your comfort zone.

Our personal development events include:

  • The Driven Young Experience (two day weekend)
  • Driven Young Retreat 
Ongoing Community

Access our ongoing community so you can continue to surround yourself with high quality people which means you will never feel alone again.

All Driven Young Graduates get access to our ongoing community where you can host and run your own events and meet hundreds of graduates.

  • Access to 300+ members
  • Host your events 
  • Access graduate events (Christmas parties etc)
Who is the Driven Young Program for?
Make friends outside of just drinking
No religioius ties
LGBTQIA+ friendly

Hi, I am Byron Dempsey

I want to change the way we view community.

I want to bring back a sense of connection and contribution, where we can grow together, support each other, and build stronger relationships whilst also building a better life for everyone.

One of the paths to success is to make quality friends, but life is short and we’re all lazy. Luckily for you, I’ve got the answer.

I’ve taken the pain out of building a thriving young community by providing you with everything from weekly events filling your calendar and educational workshops.

My job is to help you figure out what’s important to you and make sure you achieve it.

I have personally seen this program change the lives of so many young people.

I am blessed do to the work I do.

You may be skeptical and that is good.

This is why I host a live information session.

If this is something that you are interested in I encourage you to join me.

I hope to see you in my next program.

Stay Young, Stay Driven

Co-presenter Annelise McCarthy

Annelise McCarthy is a Women’s Speaking Coach who empowers women to master the skills of confidence, communication, and Public Speaking.

She has over 15 years of Public Speaking training and 5 years of coaching experience. Having grown up with a lisp and a genuine fear of public speaking, Annelise understands why many people don’t exactly warm to the idea of speaking in front of others.

Annelise has been involved with Driven Young since the first-ever program in 2021. She co-presents out personal development weekend (Driven Young Experience) and hosts our confidence workshop as well as leading the program.

Answers before you ask

How much is DYP?

We don’t currently share our prices, due to the complexity of the program and the fact nothing like this exists it is very difficult to share prices without understanding how the program works.
This is why we do the live info, we do offer a significant discount on the webinar as we find people who attend our info session are far more invested in getting the most out of the program.

Where are the events run?

We currently run this program in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. We try and keep our events are central as possible. Events will usually be accessible via public transport or members often car pool together. We have had members live as far as 2 hours away from the city CBD join our program

When are the events?

Our events take place on weekends, Friday night or occasionally after hours on weekdays. No events are run during 9-5 weekdays.

DYP is designed to suit someone who works fulltime.

Do you have a refund policy?
We have a 7 day money back window, from purchasing the program should you change your mind or something come up that prevents you from attending.

Should you fall outside this window we are happy to move you into a future program at no additional cost.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that entitles member to a full refund (participation in the program is required to access this).
Is this legit?

Many people are skeptical when coming across what we do and for good reason.

The personal development industry is full of sharks and dodgy companies.

This is why we host a one hour live info night to go over everything involved and answer any questions you might have.

Or feel free to check out our google reviews here.

Are there additional costs?

The program is a one off fee (or payment plan) and this includes all costs during the 6-weeks.

How do you ensure safety at events?

Our team is first aid certified and we have policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of all our members.

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