Our Method

The Driven Young program is broken down into one simple methodology...

  • Social
    A big part of this program is building a community, not just online but through in person meetups and events. Our social events are the heartbeat of the program and range from bush hikes to house parties to karaoke to laser tag etc. If you struggle to make friends or organise events, let us take care of that for you.
  • Educational
    This program is not just designed to have fun but to learn as well. Through our online workshops gain access to experts from around the world teaching you relevant life skills such as resume building, investing, entrepreneurship, communication, finding a mentor etc. Driven Young is an educational organisation, and teaching young people practical life skills is our highest priority.
  • Professional
    Get access to over 99+ virtual internships, complete our weekly challenges that help build towards your resume and professional career. Connect with mentors, start a small business, begin investing, build your resume, do an internship or take part in our many other professional challenges.

The results?

Using our three step methodology the program provides you with four vital components.

  • A life roadmap
    A clear and proven path for to follow, removing the guess work and confusion.
  • Your tribe / Community
    A community of young people sharing a common goal connecting with each other growing together.
  • Mentorship and guidance
    Get access to top experts across a variety of topics such as personal finance, networking, career guidance, storytelling, creativity so you can avoid making their mistakes.

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