18 and lost? So were we

18 & Lost? So Were We brings together the stories of 9 everyday young people who could not be more different to show that there is no perfect path after high school.

The years after leaving high school are difficult to navigate — now more than ever.

Byron Dempsey is one of the co authors of the best selling book 18 & Lost? So were we. Sign up to the Information Night to find out more! (Q&A Included)

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School Talks

There wasn’t one student who didn’t walk out of the presentation with valuable tools to add to their life tool box.

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S.A Survivor resources

Book List Guide

Episode 79 on the Driven Young podcast features two Australian blokes who specialise in reading books, This episode was all about what books young people should read so I decided to make a list for you, featuring the books we mentioned in the episode.

Stocks Explained an Simplified

Learn how from this simple guide, which breaks down the complicated jargon and confusion, into 14 simple steps, what are stocks? How is there price determined?

Goal Setting Guide

Download the free goal setting template that is paired with Episode 45 of the Driven Young Podcast.

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