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Find Career Opportunities, Real Relationships and Develop Your Skills Surrounded by a 12-Month Community of Like-Minded People 

Clarity & Growth

Networking & Opportunities

12 Month Community of 300+

I Think I know what you're going through...

You’re young, and you’re feeling a little lost.

You’re trying to figure out what your next step is.

Trying to balance working, exercising, having a social life.

You feel like there’s a big gap between who you are now and who you want to be in 5 years’ time.

You understand the power of networking and creating opportunities.

You know you are great to be around, yet struggle to create or maintain deep connections.

This leads to uneventful weekends.

Watching others get ahead of you in your career.

Feelings of loneliness.

Stuck in the day to day.

That's where we come in...

Feeling stuck in the day-to-day?

Work, eat, sleep repeat

You know you should be doing more. Your twenties should be exciting and explorative. It’s disheartening stuck in the day to day with little to do on the weekends.

  • Life feels kind of boring?
  • Lacking adventure?
  • The same friends since highschool?

Introducing the

Introducing the

The Driven Young Program is here to give you the foundations of friendships that can last forever: A strong sense of self, a group of lifelong buddies, new adventures, and a renewed purpose in life.

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Program Benefits


Gain clarity in yourself, your goals and who you want to become. Build a blueprint for your life so you know which direction to head in.


Stop reading how to improve and start taking action. Get outside your comfort zone and enter the growth zone.


Access and network with an array of likeminded people creating opportunities and developing meaningful relationships with people your age.


Continue thriving in your life, wake up with more energy, look forward to your days and weekends.


Access countless opportunities though the connections you create. Your networth is your network.


Access an array of our third spaces where you can unwind, relax and hand fun trying new activities and hobbies.

2-day Intensive weekend 

Monthly Social Meetups 

Industry Leader Workshops

A community of 300+ people


End of Year Formal

Imagine if you had hundreds of connections in your 20's. How would this affect your life?

The  Events We Run

Skills we help you develop


Learn the basics of budgeting your money, how to save and invest into different assets, understand Australia’s tax system and more…


Take control of your life by addressing the things that are holding you back so you can gain the confidence you need to thrive.


Learn how to step into becoming a leader, the different types of leadership and how to become a leader.


Learn how to effectively communicate and tap into the most important skill. Confidently ask for a raise, set boundaries and have the tough conversations.

Our Founder

Byron Dempsey, founder of the Driven Young Program (DYP), and host of the top educational podcast for young people in Australia, focuses on imparting practical life skills not taught in schools.

With over 1 million followers and 900,000 podcast downloads, Byron is a fully qualified presenter. As a published best-selling co-author of “18 and Lost? So Were We,”

He believes in addressing the challenges faced by today’s youth, aiming to provide practical education and foster connections nationwide.

He has run over 180+ events for people in their 20's and specialises in giving people more clarity, confidence, connections and a community to thrive in.

Check out some of our favorite episodes!

The Driven Young Podcast teaches practical life skills for people in their 20's covering an array of topics.

Past Members Testimonials

Who is the Driven Young Program for?

  • Ambitious and Driven Individuals looking to progress in their life and career
  • Who understand the value of networking and creating strong connections
  • Who want to surround themselves with winners, action takers and doers.

Make friends outside of just drinking

No religioius ties

LGBTQIA+ friendly


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