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Welcome to Driven Young

Hey Legend, Byron here!

Welcome to Driven Young, Australia’s leading community for ambitious and driven individuals aged 20-34.

If you’re ready to elevate your personal and professional growth and connect with like-minded people, you’ve come to the right place. 

Driven Young is a unique space I’ve passionately built over the past five years, designed to be the community I always wanted to be part of.

Join us, and let’s take your development and connections to the next level.

Welcome to Driven Young.


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What Does Driven Young Give You?

Driven Young and all our events follow 4 core pillars, each pillar expands on the previous and is the reason we are able to get such ground breaking results with our members.


Gain MASSIVE clarity around who you are and the one thing you need to focus on in your life.


You will experience massive growth in as we continually push you out of your comfort zone through our events.


Develop real relationships and deep connections with the other members, from networking events to camping trips and everything in between.


Use Driven Young to plug into your already busy life and thrive with a supportive community and constant events to look forward too.

Be Authentically You

Start fresh and reinvent yourself the way you want to be in a judgment free space.

Create Opportunities

Connect, network and create opportunities to help progress your career and life.

Go on Adventures

Explore the outdoors, take trips and go on the adventures you were promised.

Establish Deep Connections 

Create strong and deep connections with others beyond the surface level conversations

Get Vulnerable

Let your walls down and be vulnerable with others, get emotional and connect.

Make friends without alcohol

Meetup without the drink, majority of our events do not include alcohol.

Personal Development

Welcome to our opening event, the Driven Young Experience.

Spend an entire weekend connecting with fellow members, diving into new ideas, engaging in deep conversations, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

From exploring your beliefs and tackling team challenges to experiencing breath-work, masculine and feminine circles, networking, games, and more—prepare for a weekend of profound transformation.

Hosted and supported by Byron, his dedicated team, and 20+ volunteers (both past and current members), this event takes place in a beautiful hotel venue with all meals included..

Creative Social Events

Each month, we host a diverse range of activities designed to bring our community together and create unforgettable experiences.

From karaoke and trivia nights to charity walks, Amazing Race adventures, black tie formal, camping trip, dedicated masculine and feminine days and more—we’ve got something for everyone.

These events are all about fun, connection, and building lasting relationships with fellow Driven Young members. 

Let’s make some memories.

Adventure & Explore

Join us for outdoors adventures from such as our camping trip where you can unwind in nature, bond with fellow members, and create lasting memories. 

Looking for something more adventurous? Our Bali retreat is the ultimate escape, offering a mix of adventure, relaxation, and personal development in a stunning tropical setting.

These experiences are all about fun, connection, and embracing the great outdoors with a community of like-minded individuals.

Authentic Networking

Exclusive networking events designed to connect you with new members and create exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth.

These events provide a relaxed yet dynamic environment where you can meet like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections.

Whether you're looking to expand your professional network or simply meet new friends, our quarterly gatherings are the perfect place to start.

Let’s create opportunities together.

Experiential Learning

We bring in industry leaders to share their expertise and teach valuable skills. From financial literacy and leadership to communication, presenting, goal setting, boundary setting, changing a tire, and more—our workshops cover a wide range of topics to help you thrive personally and professionally.

These in person, interactive sessions provide hands-on learning experiences, ensuring you walk away with practical knowledge and skills you can immediately apply.

It's a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best and take your development to the next level.

Custom Community App

Designed exclusively for Driven Young members. Here, you can connect with fellow members, send direct messages, and explore member profiles to build meaningful relationships.

Access the Driven Young calendar and our members calendar to stay updated on all upcoming events and activities hosted by us and other members.

Dive into various communities, participate in challenges, and engage with content tailored to your interests and goals.

Hear from our past members.

Skills we Will help you develop

Driven Young has a heavy focus on helping you progress in your career and life by giving you access to leaders in their field through our in person workshops.


Learn the basics of budgeting your money, how to save and invest into different assets, understand Australia’s tax system and more…


Take control of your life by addressing the things that are holding you back so you can gain the confidence you need to thrive.


Set strong boundaries in your life, stop people pleasing and put yourself first improving all areas of your relationships.


Sit in the drivers seat of your life, stop being a passenger and flip your mindset so you can focus on the good and take control of your life.


Learn how to open doors and put yourself into positions to create opportunities by focusing on adding value to others first.


Learn the basics of how to manage your car, how to change a tyre, oil and even jumpstarting a dead battery.


Learn how to step into becoming a leader, the different types of leadership and how to become a leader.


Learn how to effectively communicate and tap into the most important skill. Confidently ask for a raise, set boundaries and have the tough conversations.

This program has been the most amazing ever, the best way to start the year! I honestly have been brought back to life, and I have made such amazing friends and met so many awesome people who were all here for the same reasons. I would honestly do it again if I could. I have cried a million buckets of tears as I went through this and ended it with tears of joy for how far I've come just from doing this program. I do not regret a moment of it. It's so beautiful and amazing to feel like I can just shamelessly be myself, and I haven't been my complete self since so long ago. I hope more people like me do this program, it is beyond worth it. I came in wanting to improve myself and my mental health and I have been revived. 

Ally Graham

This program changed my life. I was extremely stuck, lonely and lacking self-esteem. I found this program through social media and it caught my attention. I attended the information night and knew straight away that I wanted to join. I was scared going into the first weekend, what if I didn’t connect with anyone? I am so happy I faced my fears and did it anyway. There are countless opportunities to connect with amazing like-minded people. All of the activities are super fun and get you out of your comfort zone. Everyone makes you feel so welcome and loved. The leaders are so amazing. I have been vulnerable and completely myself. This program has done more for me than sitting in a therapist’s office talking about feeling lonely.

Our Founder

Byron Dempsey, founder of the Driven Young, and host of the top educational podcast for young people in Australia, focuses on imparting practical life skills not taught in schools.

With over 1 million followers and 900,000 podcast downloads, Byron is a fully qualified presenter. As a published co-author of “18 and Lost? So Were We,”

He focuses on building communities and facilitating environments where people can be their best and authentic self.

He has run over 180+ events for people in their 20's and focused on giving people more clarity, confidence, connections and a community to thrive in.

Who is Driven Young For?

  • Full time employees 
  • Full time students 
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners 
  • Ages 20-34

Make friends outside of just drinking

No religioius ties

All Inclusive


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