DYP Code of Conduct

  1. Consent: I understand that discussions regarding dating, relationships, and sexual behaviour will be had in a respectful and consensual manner. I acknowledge that sexualising other members, regardless of their sexual orientation, is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the program.

  2. Respectful Behaviour: I understand that I am expected to behave respectfully towards others and avoid any behaviour that may be harmful or offensive. Examples of prohibited behaviour include but are not limited to harassment, bullying, discrimination, racist or sexist behaviour, physical assault, unwelcome romantic or sexual advances and illegal drug taking.

  3. Alcohol Consumption: I understand that while participants are allowed to consume alcohol, they must do so responsibly and in moderation. I acknowledge that excessive alcohol consumption may harm the experience of other members and the team.

  4. Drug Use: I understand that the use of drugs is strictly prohibited at Driven Young official events.

  5. Safety: I understand that I am responsible for my own safety and the safety of others and will take appropriate precautions when attending events or parties.

  6. Taking Ownership: I understand that the program provides a structure and environment for growth, but that I am ultimately responsible for my own growth and improvement.

  7. Negative Gossip: I understand that members are here to grow and improve and will not spread false rumours or engage in negative gossip that may harm others.

  8. Trauma Bonding and Trauma Dumping: I understand that the program is not a therapy session and will be mindful of bonding over traumatic experiences. I acknowledge that members who reveal personal trauma may find themselves in a therapeutic role and will avoid this.

  9. Communication: I understand that any issues or concerns should be communicated to the team through the feedback form, and that the team cannot assist if they are not made aware of the situation. I will also communicate positive feedback and experiences.

  10. Outside of DYP: I understand that the Driven Young program is not responsible for any incidents that may occur outside of program events or meetups. I will attend and host events and meetups at my own discretion and accept the risks that come along with these responsibilities. I will not host or create any of my own events that coincide with an official DYP event.
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