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Why create Driven Young Members?

After the first program's success, we realised we needed to create something that would allow the program, events and relationships to continue and flourish after the initial three months.

Many members were sad it would be the end and the relationships and friendships would slowly fizzle out....

And so DYM was born in order to keep the community alive and thriving.

What is DYM? 

Driven Young Members is an exclusive ongoing community only for Driven Young Program Members.

Get direct access to a new community platform with a dedicated manager to organise all the events, and meetups and keep the community engaged.

Think of it like a gym membership for your social life. DYM will also include accountability sessions, goal setting, and challenges that will push you out of your comfort zone.


of young Australians feel occasionally, frequently or always Lonely (Australia Talks)


of young people lack companionship (headspace)


of young people feel isolated (headspace)

What is included in Members?

Continued access to the community

Weekly In person events and meetups

Dedicated community manager

Monthly Goal Setting & Accountability Sessions

Discord and Minecraft Server

Monthly Comfort Zone Challenges 

The Benefits

This isn't just a community for social events....

Exclusive Events

Driven Young events are designed to be unique and cover a variety of aspects. From physical to fun to challenging. These are events you won't typically do with your existing friend groups.

Ongoing Friendships 

Friendships are formed through regularly hanging out as seen in DYP. Maintain the momentum of the program through our events, community page and more.


Members isn't just a community for social meetups. Continue to grow through our challenges, accountability sessions, goal setting, Empower U and more.


Building the community 


Maintaining the community

Accountability & Goal Setting

Driven Young Members has a heavy focus on setting strong goals in a group and holding each other accountable through monthly in person (or online) accountability sessions where you can share your wins and your goals with the group.

  • Celebrate your wins 
  • Improve on what you could do better
  • Gain support in a group environment 
  • Access to our goalsetting framework 
  • Get an accountability buddy 
  • Guidance and support from the mentors 

Introducing your community manager...

Josh Van Zwieten is your dedicated community manager! He will be organising your events, keeping you engaged and checking in to make sure you are getting the most out of the program.

Josh has been involved with Driven Young since the first program and has run over 7 events. He has a heavy focus on the outdoors, health and fitness and pushing you outside your comfort zone (when the time is appropriate).

Josh will be running Members along side Byron and he will be there to support you and make sure everything runs smoothly so all you have to do is show up to events!

Driven Young Members team

Whilst Josh will be the dedicated community manager for Members, Byron, Lily and the mentor team will be involved, running workshops, attending events and providing support!